About Helen Suzanne Whitman Guszcza

The author, Sue Guszcza, is a mother, a retired NYSUT Art Teacher, and a practicing artist. She has been a storyteller in the Onondaga Library System. She has been a member of professional artist groups. Her work is found in private and public collections. In her personal life, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and has treasured the ownership of a special little miniature pinscher named Lilli, whose feisty personality narrates her first book, a trilogy titled Little Lilli and Willy Live Here. Many of her book’s illustrations are based on her childhood town of Weedsport in the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York, and they form a backdrop for Lilli and Willy’s adventures. Happy memories of her family, her sons, dear friends, and classmates became the catalysts for her imagination as she crafted this playful book.